Counselling Interventions

Counselling interventions encompass preventative and developmental interventions that address primary and secondary needs/challenges faced by clients. Counselling is facilitated as short-term intervention and should further intervention be required, referrals will be aptly made. Counselling interventions may take the form of individual, couples and group counselling interventions, where (in consultation) the goals of counselling are met through the co-development of strategies that enhance/promote mental wellbeing. Short-term interventions involve 6-8 sessions of counselling interventions for individuals/couples/families/groups. Medium-term interventions span 10-12 sessions.


Mediation services are rendered following a humanistic paradigm focussed on preservation of the family unit in order to provide children with a happy, secure childhood. In the collaborative, non-judgemental process of mediation, couples create a Memorandum of Understanding which can be court ordered into the Divorce Decree, a Parenting Plan taking the best interest of the children into account, and a Maintenance Agreement. We guide clients into making conscious rather than reactive decisions.

Containment & Debriefing

Typically provided to crisis and trauma clients referred from the hospitals and other referral channels, where clients require immediate interventions to address their triggered state. Including, the provision of services to clients who have received tough medical diagnoses (e.g., COVID-19, cancer etc.)


Centres around enhancing the cohesion, communication and overall effectiveness of teams within businesses and organisations. The specific purpose and approach of the team building intervention is determined in consultation with key stakeholders and dependent upon the needs of the organisation and team. At Zoya Naidoo and Partners, we design effective solutions based on comprehensive Needs Assessments.

Executive Coaching

When it comes to developing executives to function within organisations and businesses, the company seeks to improve upon the knowledge, skills and techniques used by individuals as they fulfil their roles within specific organisations. The coaching structure is designed to enhance strengths while working on areas on development. Emotional Intelligence in enhanced to promote transformational leadership skills. The approach and orientation is dependent upon the needs and context of the individual(s).

Employee Wellness & Human Resources

The current labour landscape since COVID-19, has incurred tremendous pressures and stress upon employees, employers and organisations at large. Zoya Naidoo and Partners has thus developed a number of interventions based upon evidence from existing research, but specific organisational interventions are developed in consultation with the organisation in question, the key stakeholders and existing literature and research in order to provide effective, evidence –based solutions.

Training, Groups & Workshops

The team assembled under the company are well qualified to provide training programs based on personal and professional development. Groups are designed to facilitate skills and knowledge development as well as to promote cultural tolerance and emotional intelligence through psychoeducational group interventions.

Zoya Naidoo & Partners has established a robust network of highly qualified & skilled psychological, medical, legal, financial, social and alternative practitioners, who independently consult on projects where specific skillsets are needed. Thus, ensuring that our interventions are able to address a wide range of complex needs, with efficient efficacy.

Our services are provided either on a project-by-project basis or by retainer. This allows us to provide unique, customizable solutions to all businesses.