Meet the Team

Zoya V. Naidoo; CEO

Zoya is the Founding Director and CEO of Zoya Naidoo and Partners, and has vast experience in the education , mental health  and mediation fields. Zoya possesses numerous qualifications and is committed to “sharpening the saw”, she adopts a trauma informed approach to all she engages in and is able to provide an empathic holistic service. As the founder, her vision is to provide quality solutions that build happy people.

Saroj Naidoo – Business Process Management

Saroj has 25 years’ experience in Equities market / Research Securities as BI Advisory Services & Data Analytics. She has worked with Top Rated Research Analysts/Economists and Sales Traders. Her excellent Analytical skills/Project Management/Process Management. She has worked with global project teams and implementation of software for South Africa.  She is a competitive, results driven individual with a high level of confidence and integrity.

Danelle Jacobs – Registered Counsellor

Danelle is a solution-focused Practicing Registered Counsellor with a focus on assisting clients in the promotion of positive change. This includes the implementation of practical techniques for the promotion of healthy relationships and constructive growth, in both a personal and a professional capacity. Danelle has keen interests in trauma, grief, addiction, and couples counselling interventions.

Veshanth S. Naidoo – Registered Counsellor

Veshanth is a narrative-based Practicing Registered Counsellor with keen interests in career, grief, and crisis and trauma counselling interventions, as well as supply-chain and organisational management. Veshanth has extensive experience in facilitating counselling interventions in addition to the development and implementation of interventions that address organisational needs.

Tesean Dasappa – Counsellor

Tesean is a Trained Registered Counsellor with a person-centred approach to providing holistic psychosocial interventions for individuals, groups and organisations. Tesean has extensive experience in the development and implementation of unique interventions. Tesean has keen interests in adolescence, family and couples counselling, as well as crisis and trauma counselling interventions.

Kytin Moodley– Intern

Kytin holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science majoring in Counseling and Psychology, and will be handling the online presence. Kytin is  in the process of completing his qualification as a level 1 QHHT practitioner and will soon be obtaining his registration as a registered counsellor.

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Zoya Naidoo & Partners has established a robust network of highly qualified & skilled psychological, medical, legal, financial, social and alternative practitioners, who independently consult on projects where specific skillsets are needed. Thus, ensuring that our interventions are able to address a wide range of complex needs, with efficient efficacy.